Vanilla RootBOX Rom Review on the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

I have been using the Vanilla RootBOX Rom extensively for the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 for the past week now. It’s time for my first review of a Custom Rom for the ever-popular Samsung Galaxy S2.

Firstly, the Vanilla RootBOX Rom has been widely used and supported in the Android community by thousands of users. The team behind the Rom supports other Samsung devices including the Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Support for this Rom is quite overwhelming as you can easily get help from the XDA-Developers forum.


Vanilla RootBOX - PIE

Vanilla RootBOX – PIE

Secondly, the Vanilla RootBOX is a AOKP (Android Open Kang Project), thus, includes additional modifications and tweaks which will certainly make the power user happy. Additionally, the latest build runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and includes most of the features that comes with Stock Android.

Vanilla RootBOX - Home Screen

Vanilla RootBOX – Home Screen

Thirdly, the Rom is fluid, fast and extremely responsive. Definitely a big change compared to the much slower TouchWiz user interface by Samsung.

Fourthly, there were numerous additions to the Rom. Here are a few:

  • Several Battery Icon Styles
  • Customizable Lockscreen – Transparent Lockscreen, Lockscreen Shortcuts, Custom Carrier Text
  • PIE – An innovative navigational bar which includes the latest notifications simply by swiping from the lower bezel upwards
  • Tablet/Phablet UI – One can enable the same tablet user interface for specific apps
  • Performance Control – Overclocking and Underclock App
  • Custom Boot Animation
  • Improved Notification Bar with Toggle Shortcuts

Lastly, there were a few issues with the Vanilla RootBOX one being that the official Twitter App has display difficulties in which the compose tweet window is overlapped by the keyboard. It seems to be a display issue on all AOKP Roms.

Vanilla RootBOX - Notifications

Vanilla RootBOX – Notifications

Other than that, there were no battery issues at all and my Samsung Galaxy S2 lasted the entire day. If you wish to install and play around with the Vanilla RootBOX Rom check out my installation guide and video here.

If you have any Rom suggestions you want me to try out, feel free to comment below.

  • Lyndon Faderagao

    tol how about the battery life…

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Pretty good pare :)

  • Jaramo

    How is the battery life with this Rom? ….stock JB drains my battery like hell

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Battery Life is pretty good. It was pretty much on idle for 12 hours and I only lost 30 percent. :)

      • Jaramo

        sounds great. Im going to give it a try. Thnx!

        • Jose Francisco Farrugia

          Cool! Let us know how it is. :)

      • shifee

        kept idle without doing anything?

        • Jose Francisco Farrugia

          Yeah, just a few tasks. Checking a few social media accounts and leaving it idle most of the day. ;)

  • Mir

    Hi Jose. It looks amazing..!!! will definitely try it.. And next NeatRom Lite for XWLSJ please… :) and Thank you buddy..!!! :)

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Sure it was amazing! I am actually going to take a look at the latest Samsung Jelly Bean XWLSN Firmware first before trying out NeatRom Lite. :) Stay tuned Mir!

  • Mir

    Hi Jose, I have been using this Rom since 2 days…. few things I have noticed are that (1) the battery life is really great…while sleeping the battery was 75% & after 7hrs it was 73%. I was surprised to see that.(2) Can’t connect to Kies which is really bad. :( (3) Got a warning message while trying to install the stock Memo through Titanium backup that its a stock app and might be unstable on custom rom. I really want it back loads of info stored in my Memo. (4) No stock Music player which i really liked. (5) Dont really like the Camera.

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Hi Mir. Battery life is indeed quite impressive on the Vanilla RootBOX Rom, however, I surprised that the Samsung Memo App is not working. Have you tried downloading it from the Play Store? In regards to the Video and Music Player, you can very well download MX Player for videos and for audio, it’s up to you. There are tons of Apps on the Play Store. Furthermore, you can head over to the Settings > ROM Control > Power Menu to place the Screenshot option whenever you long press the Power Button. Hope this helps Mir :)

      • Mir

        Hey, What about phone not connecting to Kies ? kies just shows the message “Connecting” but it never connects..!! And one more thing when I was on Gingerbread I took backup of calendar, memo etc… but when I try to restore the calendar on 4.1.2 its not getting restored. Please help…1st of all I need to solve the connecting problem..!!!

        • Jose Francisco Farrugia

          Hi Mir. The reason it’s not connecting is due to the fact that Samsung Kies doesn’t support Custom Roms. If you wish to restore your data you got to use an official Samsung Rom.

        • Guru Polski

          F**k it! Just use dropbox! ;)

  • Ronald Lastimosa

    hi jose, is it possible for s2 users to download facebook home at playstore using vanilla root box? ive read that facebook home requires 4.2.2 to be dl.

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Hi Ronald. You can give it a shot, however, I remember reading that the minimum requirements is a HD resolution of 1280×720. I am not quite sure if you can view it well on your phone, however, with Vanilla RootBox’s options you can very well tweak that ;)

  • lordrt

    HI, installed and tested, overall its a really nice rom but am going back to xwlsn, miss the video and music player and really dislike the camera settings :P

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Hi Lordrt. It gets a bit boring after a while doesn’t it ;) I am back to the XWLSN Firmware Build too.

  • omura

    hi whats the difference between the official release and Nightlies, thanks in advance ^_^

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Hi Omura. The Official Release has less bugs and is a lot more stable compared to the Nightly Builds which are released on a daily basis ;)

      • omura

        ok thanks jose ^_^

        • Jose Francisco Farrugia

          Anytime Omura :)

  • badniro

    Hi José..I am now using vanilla root box.. Thanks for the tutorial..A new experience for me. I like it.. And still waiting for xwlsn neatrom..hehe

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Hi badniro. I will definitely start the NeatROM Review soon. I got my XWLSN Review up next and then I’ll do NeatROM :) Stay tuned for that and thank you for your patience mate :)

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  • dare

    Is there any way to remove search bar at the top, like its not a widget. it cannot be removed

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      Can you send a screenshot please?

      • dare

        Here you go

        • Jose Francisco Farrugia

          That’s a screenshot of my screen ;) I think you can remove that in the ROM Settings if it can’t be removed as a regular widget.

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  • Mutu An

    hi jose,got chinese version in this rom?

    • Jose Francisco Farrugia

      I am not quite sure, however, I am assuming there is since this is an AOSP (Android Original Source Project) ROM. It’s basically based from Google’s Source Code.